Course Notes

You may download and print the notes for free. These notes will provide structure to the classroom (virtual/real) only and should not be used without attending each lecture (virtual or in-person). These notes include all materials taught and information about required assignments and exams.
  • Ron Bannon's Fall 2021 syllabusschedule, section 001 Zoom lectures, section 003 Zoom lecturessection OAC Zoom lectures, and Zoom recitation/office hours.
  • Don't forget to do your WebAssign assignments.
  • Ron Bannon's Archived Zoom lectures. These videos are organized, and you'll need to download them to your computer if you want to view them.
  • ECC also offers tutoring, and you may find this useful, too!
  • Optional Sage Intro video.

    Related but optional web resources.
    • A place for ECC students to gain Sage skills.
    • A place for ECC students to gain LaTeX skills.